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There once was a man in a blue box who grabbed my hand and took me on an adventure that changed my life. Now it is all I can blog about.

hey I'm doing an editing series with fatal flaws for characters. for ten, I'm not sure if it should be guilt, selflessness, or arrogance (or another if you have a better option lol)


do you know i worship ten

do you

haha no but in all honesty, the ones you listed are pretty good. hmm i haven’t really thought about this before. i’d say either guilt or selflessness. sry i couldnt be of more help ;A;

I looked after a little boy in Sweden for much of the past 2 years and his first word was bullar & kanelbullar were the first thing he ate other than baby food. I don’t think he drinks too strong coffee yet though :P

HAAAH omg that’s the best thing :””DDDD that kid is very well adapted to the environment in which he lives already. he will grow up to be a very swedish Swede.

Is that why it’s always time for Fika in Sweden? :P

Well yes. We like to take a break from our bitter and constantly cloudy lives to enjoy some happiness that is fika and all that is sweet.

food is happiness

Donna Noble gets what she wants

billie piper week: day 1 (sept 16)

↳ favourite billie outfit(s)

Billie Piper Week: Day One 
↳favourite outfits