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There once was a man in a blue box who grabbed my hand and took me on an adventure that changed my life. Now it is all I can blog about.


GIF MEME | Doctor Who + Silhouettes
— requested by thedoctorlek

her name was Rose

One Gifset per episodeSchool Reunion

Endless List of Favourite Relationships (TV Series Edition):

  • Doctor and Jenny (Doctor Who)

You’re my daughter, and we’ve only just got started.You’re going to be great. You’re going to be more than great. You’re going to be amazing.



Heyo! I realised it was too much work for me to run this blog on my own so now I’m looking for fellow Doctor Who reaction gif makers that would like to join this blog in its mission to produce reaction gifs for everyone to enjoy~

What it means to be a member of Doctor Who reaction gifs:

  • You’re only allowed to post gifs you’ve made yourself
  • You have to tag your posts with the proper tags for the sake of organisation.
  • You can post whenever and how much you want (no pressure)
  • It means you’re a cool kid (definitely cooler than me)

If you’re interested please fill in this very long and complicated form and send or submit it to me (either to this blog or to blueboxtraveller, either is fine :D). 


Link to your gifs:


You don’t have to have made reaction gifs before to apply, just as long as you plan on making and posting your own reaction gifs if you are accepted :D

Thank you~



You sent her home. She’s safe. Keep working.

The Parting of the Ways - requested by lumos-castiel

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